The Company


Founded by Frederico Gonçalves Simões, in 2009, in Almagreira, Pombal, Simetria & Rigor, Unipessoal, Lda. is a referenced company in the construction, restoration, and renovation of Portuguese indoor and outdoor spaces.

It is, in fact, a widely experienced company in implementing building projects, which stands out due to its high technical skills and the creation of unique and customised solutions.


Simetria & Rigor is characterised by its commitment, rigour, and professionalism, as well as all the attention paid to every customer. It also excels in quality and original projects, to which it is dedicated, never putting aside a great sense of responsibility.

For all these reasons, Simetria & Rigor is proud of its journey, adapting to new markets, and, mostly, flexibility and dynamics.

Simetria & Rigor wishes, most of all, to be recognised for its work, dedication, and the quality of every project it gets its hands on.
The main goal of Simetria & Rigor is to be a referenced company in its business sector always taking into consideration innovation, skill, and professionalism.
There is a whole range of values that this company follows: rigour, professionalism, skill, and trust.